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For over than 10 years we have been frustrated by the difficult process of selecting and presenting yacht charters to our clients. Researching multiple sources of information, different web sites and multiple owners, we wished there would have been an easier way.

At the beginning we have created ycn.asia for ourselves, but soon we were approached by our friends who asked to use the system. Responding to the demand we made the decision to support all agents and specialize in a B2B solution driving the Yacht Charter Industry.

We will continue to develop the system according to our agents needs and feedback.
Become a part today and take advantage of our powerful tools which are not found elsewhere.

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A unique opportunity to gain more exposure and more profit with less work.

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We know that it is difficult it is to stand out in this increasingly crowded market. There are roughly a million agents and a gazillion web sites. Who has the time to list a yacht everywhere? Which website creates results and which are a waste of time? How can I get in front of visitors who have already arrived on the island?

These are perfectly valid questions and we are constantly evaluating new areas of marketing to find answers for them. One example is our unique connection (API) to other yacht portals. Yes, digital marketing is important and we do a lot of it. However, it is arguably more powerful to talk directly to your target market. This is best done in a high quality magazine promoting your stunning yacht with equally stunning photography.

Feel free to profit from our experience, technology and marketing channels.

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Visitors to Phuket are looking for your services, can they find you?

If you target the affluent, we can help

Visitors who rent yachts are generally looking for luxury services and experiences, agreed? And while a significant section of the luxury lifestyle publishing industry has turned digital, the classic print magazine will always have a place with affluent readers. The tangible pleasure of turning the pages of a magazine will always beat the experience of screenshots and blogs, particularly while looking for a yacht to charter.

Not only a charter catalog, the YCN magazine "A day well lived" is a celebration of the finer things in life, an invitation to explore the best Phuket has to offer and the ideal advertising platform for your service.

For luxury brands, turning to the timeless format of print advertising is as relevant today as it will be in the future.

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We are passionate about yachts, exotic destinations and the yachting lifestyle. We also love technology and working at the brink of innovation. It is our desire to use these passions and strengths to make the life and business of other professionals easier and more profitable. By doing this we help more people enjoy quality time on the water and experience the pleasures of a luxury lifestyle.


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