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Too much choice, who should I contact?

There is a wide selection of Charter Yachts in Phuket, offered by many different companies and owners. Some times it can be confusing to get timely and correct information when you need it most.

Rapid growth at the cost of professionalism

  • The Charter Industry has developed quite rapidly in the last few years.
  • New companies not always have a background in Yachting.
  • Most companies list the same yacht, often with one or more agents in between.
  • This leads to an increase in commission/charter price for your guest.
  •  Fragmented communication leads to substandard execution.
  • Slow communication leads to loss of opportunity.

It is not your Job

  • You should not need to keep contact with multiple yachts and agents.
  • Owners change, prices change, new yachts enter the market.
  • There are just not enough hours in the day to do all you need to do.
  • The yacht your client wants is booked, can you find a replacement?
  • You should not need to organize the food, the champagne or the transfer.

Time is money and so is happiness

  • Lost opportunities translate in a loss of income.
  • The happiness of your clients increases in direct proportion with the professional service you are able to provide.
  • Time spend searching is lost and can not be used for more productive activities.

A simple and streamlined approach

Imagine your guest shows you the yacht of his choice in a magazine. You scan the bar code and can chat or talk directly to us from within the app. We answer all your questions and suggest solutions. Simply professional.

6 Simple steps to success

  1. Client selects a yacht from the magazine or a link you have sent.
  2. We advise you on all aspects concerning your clients requirements.
  3. We organize all aspects of the charter, including value added services.
  4. Client enjoys a great day out on the sea.
  5. He is happy and leaves you a 5 Star review.
  6. We keep you up to date about discounts, new yacht listings and upcoming events.

Where we shine

  • It is easy to create a search and selection of yachts to send to your client/guest.
  • Magazine and Application are working together for better results.
  • List our yachts directly and automatically on your own web site.
  • You can present over 80 quality yachts to your clients, all information is clearly laid out and up to date.
  • Our network of partners offer many value added services to help you up-sell your guest to increase your earnings
  • More than 15 years active experience in the yachting industry.
  • A proven System to increase the amount and income from yacht charters.

The best things in life are FREE & Simple

  • There is no fee associated with using our services, the yacht owner pays us a small commission for each confirmed charter.
  • The application and yacht selections are branded with your logo and contact details.
  • Our products are super simple to use.
  • You set your own commission rate.
  • We promise first class service and support, always available, always helpful.
  • We take care of all listings so you can focus on sales.

Do you want to improve the way you handle yacht charters?

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