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Too little exposure, not enough charters

The amount of paying guests is directly dependent on the exposure your yacht receives.

Increasing Competition

  • Increased popularity as a charter destination has led to an increase in yachts offered for charter.
  • It is extremely time consuming to research and test all existing marketing channels.
  • Charter marketing is not high on the list of priorities for many yachting companies, particularly when yacht sales are more profitable.
  • The "Central Agency" system is not widely known like in our western counterparts which leads to inadequate representation of your yacht.

It is not your Job

  • As a yacht owner you should focus on operating your yacht, not on learning to become a marketing professional.
  • There are just not enough hours in a day. Your yacht needs maintenance, repairs, provisioning and the crew needs to be supervised.
  • Digital Marketing becomes increasingly difficult requiring new levels of technical expertise.
  • New relationships and trust take time to build. Agents tend to prefer the tried and tested.

Use it or Loose it

  • With a sporadic flow of charter inquiries, the cost of owning and maintaining a yacht can be rather high.
  • The pleasure of boat ownership is diminished once your yacht becomes a liability.
  • Your crew can easily loose focus and interest if you don't have enough charters, which means reduced income for them.
  • Engines and other technical parts tend to break more easily if not used regularly.

increase your yachts visibility while reducing your workload

The right partnership is crucial in developing a successful yacht charter business.

Marketing is at the heart of it

  • A huge network of agents, internet portals and web sites are supported by making your yacht information available through API and manually.
  • The YCN application incentivises agents through personalized branding and ease of sharing yacht information.
  • The YCN Magazine is strategically distributed at Point of Sale in suitable hotels, resorts, travel agencies and other outlets with foot traffic.
  • We maintain and increase a digital marketing footprint consisting of blog, email list, social media. seo, google business and paid advertising. We do promote your yacht through those channels.

    360° Assistance

    • New to yacht chartering? We can prepare a competitive analysis and price comparison to place your yacht at the most competitive level.
    • Operational Charter Management for a limited group of selected yacht owners.
    • Assistance and creation of all marketing collateral including 3D walk through and drone work.
    • More than 15 years active experience in the yachting industry.
    • Excellent working relationships with agents and suppliers of add on services.

    It is easy to work with us

    • There is no fee associated with using our basic listings besides the commission we earn at each charter.
    • We promise first class service and support, always available, always helpful.
    • All our services are tailored specifically to your needs and consultations are always free of charge.
    • Professional preparation and representation of your yacht to clients or during events.
    • We take care of marketing so you can focus on your yacht.

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