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targeting the affluent for your luxury lifestyle product or service

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reaching the right audience can be tough

Once the visitor has reached the island, there are limited ways to get his attention.

Being seen can be difficult

  • Visitors to the island are moving within a limited area.
  • They might not know what they are looking for until they see it.
  • They certainly don't know what is available and they are most likely not aware of your offers.
  • Visitors usually don't care about what to do, until they have arrived on the island.
  • Quality Publications effectively targeting the luxury market are few and far between.

It is not your Job

  • You are not a publisher or in the tabloid distribution business.
  • You cant put up billboards in all relevant hotel lobbies and travel agencies around the island..
  • Brochures and flyers are quite small and have limited impact.
  • It's hard to catch the visitor at the exact time he is actively looking for an activity, and ready to spend money.
  • There are just not enough hours in a day. This one is true for all of us.
  • Branding and public relations with other tourism professionals is important but time consuming.

Can you afford not to reach out?

  • Advertising creates awareness of your brand and product or service.
  • Advertising adds credibility, creates brand loyalty and gives your company a positive image.
  • Advertising attracts new customers and promotes repeat business.
  • Advertising keeps your business at the top of your consumer’s mind as well as in the mind of other tourism professionals.
  • Advertising increases company traffic.
  • Advertising makes your company money.

Reaching the right audience just got easy

A quality publication with purpose, read by luxury lifestyle seekers while they are in the mood to spend.

We bring the client to you

  • The YCN Magazine "A DAY WELL LIVED" is strategically distributed at Point of Sale in luxury hotels, resorts, travel agencies and other outlets which are frequented by affluent visitors.
  • As a Yacht Charter Catalog at it's core, it is talking directly to visitors who have the means and the desire to embrace the luxury life style.
  • Once we talk to the guest directly, we will offer additional services for his yacht charter. Your product/service might be suitable and can be included in this up-sale.
  • After the yacht charter, the guest can be approached to make him aware of additional services and experiences.

    Our main Focus is Focus

    • Covering the niche market of Yacht Charters, we focus on a small but affluent group of visitors to Phuket.
    • We communicate with guests directly and leave copies of the magazine on the yacht they charter.
    • While on his charter, the guest has leisure time and is surrounded by luxury and beauty, the ideal environment to make him receptive to your offer.
    • The luxury lifestyle industry is all about relationship and trust. The YCN magazine helps your brand to start the relationship and establish trust.

    It is easy to work with us

    • Our advertising rates are very competitive and fit well within your marketing budged.
    • We are always open to explore alternative forms of advertising like inserts or editorials.
    • We work with a wide range of designers and content creators on Phuket and will support you far beyond the advert in the magazine.
    • We promise first class service and support, always available, always helpful.
    • We help you with your marketing so you can focus on delivering value to your clients.

    Do you want more affluent clients for your business?

    That is a trick question, of course you do, everyone wants to improve, always.
    ​We want to make it easy for you. Take the first Step now and let us send you our Info Kit.
    ​Let's find out if we are a good fit.

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